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The Ground Floor lobby entitled “Pakistan Army through the Ages” comprises the story of Pakistan and its Army beginning from the dawn of independence. It shows the pictures of those personalities who led Pakistan and its Army through various phases of its history, Army Chiefs, Governor Generals, Presidents and Prime Ministers. It also includes the dioramic presentation of Quaid-i-Azam’s first address to an Army Regiment.

The dawn of Independence on 14 August 1947 and the birth of Pakistan Army are also depicted in the lobby. Transformation from Headquarters Northern Command (Army in India) to General Headquarters (Pakistan Army), evacuation and management of refugees, Quaid-e-Azam’s interaction with Pakistan Army are also portrayed.

Gallery 1 – Kashmir War 1948

Gallery – 1 captioned “Trials and Tribulations” shows the hardships of early days of our existence including the Pak – India War on Kashmir. It includes Pak Army’s services in support of refugees who had to migrate to their newly founded heaven in a mass exodus. This gallery also depicts the award of first three highest gallantry awards, i.e. Captain Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed, Nishan-i-Haider. (Talpatra – Kashmir), Naik Saif Ali Shaheed, Hilal-i-Kashmir (Kashmir) and Major Tufail Muhammad Shaheed, Nishan-i-Haider, (Lakashmipur East Pakistan).

Gallery 2 – Indo Pakistan War 1965

Gallery – 2 is entitled “The finest Hour” and contains the Pak – India War 1965. It shows the combat actions in Rann of Kutch, Chhamb, Khem Karan, Rajisthan, Sialkot, Lahore and Chawinda. It highlights the deeds of unprecedented valour performed by our Defence Forces including an account of award of Nishan-i-Haider to Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed.

Gallery 3 – Indo Pak War 1971 / Lipa / Siachin / Kargil Ops

This gallery has been captioned as “Supreme Sacrifices”. It also has the pictorial accounts of Lipa valley, Siachin and Kargil Operations. An extensive use of technical aids makes this gallery much more than an audio visual medium of depicting history. It has the distinctive feature of exhibiting the acts of six Nishan-i-Haider awardees. The “War on the Roof of the World” in the snow bound highlands of Siachin is unique in many respects having a special significance and will be of great interest to the viewers.

Gallery 4 – Nishan-i-Haider Gallery

The gallery has been devoted exclusively to those valiant warriors who displayed extraordinary courage and devotion to the motherland, offering the supreme sacrifice of their lives, enduring stress, strain and hardships beyond the call of duty. This gallery has been named “Nishan-i-Haider” and contains the personal belongings of those martyrs besides their portraits and their accounts of valour.


Gallery 5 – War on Terror

Gallery – 5 is ascribed to the longest war that the Pakistan Army has been engaged in, for several years now. It contains pictorial and visual record of the operations conducted in Swat, Malakand and South Waziristan. It has rightly been entitled as “War on Terror” and shows the vast devastation caused by extremists and terrorists and effects on the population of the affected areas and efforts rendered by the Pakistan Army in bringing back peace.

Gallery 6 – Service to Humanity

Gallery shows the valuable contribution of Pak Army in disaster management and its quick response in the service of our people during natural calamities. Army in aid of civil power is depicted through charts, maps and photographs. Pakistan Army’s contribution and actions in United Nations peace keeping operations and during major disasters such as Earthquake of 2005, floods in various parts of the country and air crashes, development of infrastructure through organizations like National Logistic Cell, Frontier Works Organization, Special Works Organization, Fauji Foundation, Heavy Industries Taxila, Pakistan Ordnance Factories etc. are also reflected through photographs and displays.

Gallery 7 – Evolution of Small Arms

This gallery is dedicated to Firearms Collection from the stone age to present day including different ancient, medieval and modern day weapons. It includes displays of muskets, rifles, hand guns, regulation rifles, sub machine guns, medium machine guns, heavy machine guns, light and heavy mortars, anti-tank rocket launchers and anti-tank guided missiles etcetera. Tipu Sultan’s bow and arrows is the prized display in the gallery.